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How easy it is to contact Agoda Call Center when you’re about to go on vacation

When it comes to vacation, the existence of an Agoda call center becomes very important. That’s because Agoda itself is one of the best online hotel booking providers in Indonesia. Not only the Indonesian region, the provider even offers a booking function for many accommodations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Agoda’s reputation in Indonesia is pretty good. Most consumers tell positive testimonials about their experience when ordering from such providers. In fact, the user reviews are overwhelming. Noted, there are nearly 1 billion reviews that users give on this service. Amazingly, the reviews are as good as they are positive.

But in Indonesia, the knowledge about agoda call centers is  not widely known. In fact, his existence is indispensable to help. Some people prefer to try it by ordering directly without using the call center service. You know, there are a lot of benefits that are obtained when you contact him.

The importance of contacting a call center before ordering

Agoda is a fast growing booking service. Now the trust that consumers give to this provider is quite high. This trust is given because the quality of the service is actually very satisfactory. But although the service is of high quality, its development is still carried out.

In fact, booking on Agoda is easy. If it has been tried once, a user will certainly have no problem ordering it a second time. But when you order for the first time, confusion will certainly be felt. That’s because there are help features to satisfy consumers.

The feature is actually meant to help. But while it helps, most new users even feel confused about these features. In this case, the existence of an Agoda call center can  be very useful. By contacting him, you will be guided to place an order if necessary.

There are several stories in which new users make booking mistakes and feel disadvantaged. Actually, the error occurs because it ordered directly without asking in advance. If this nature of the willingness to ask questions is possessed, then such a bad possibility can certainly be avoided. In addition to helping, the call center is also intended as a place to process complaints.

Usually, complaints are filed when the order is delayed or there is a problem with the system. In fact, this kind of problem is very rare. However, Agoda itself is very open to any complaints from consumers. To do this, make the agoda call center a place to pour out these complaints.

Contact the call center by phone

The first way you want to contact the call center is over the phone. Agoda itself can be reached via two numbers. The first number is 021-21889001. In addition, consumers can also contact us via the number 021-29263028. When you call the number, you don’t immediately talk to CS.

Actually, there is an automatic function for replying to messages in agoda call centers. That’s because the provider itself already understands some of the basic issues that most new users often face. By using the automatic message answerer, the problems felt must be answered.

However, it does not exclude that there is a condition where the problem has not been discussed by an auto-responder. Agoda itself understands the problem. Therefore, there is a CS that ensures that it remains active for 24 hours. This will still solve your problems when ordering.

Since Agoda itself is very developed in Indonesia, you don’t have to worry about language matters. There is a CS that can answer Indonesian questions. It allows you to communicate without any problems. You do not have to hesitate when you want to contact the call center. Any difficulties will certainly be helped as well as possible.

Consumers Also bisa See Help Center

The best way to resolve a complaint is to contact the agoda call center. Because the communication is carried out directly over the phone with CS, all problems can certainly be answered thoroughly. However, there is a big problem with contacting the call center. The problem lies in the high credit interest rate.

In an era that already uses internet packages, some people don’t have a credit supply. It will be difficult if you have to top up your credit before ordering. To solve the problem, Agoda provides a helpdesk for its customers. This Help Center is an online troubleshooting service.

This service is available on agoda’s official website. When you visit the official website, you can open the help center menu. There will be many questions and answers. Just look for the problem and it should be found how to fix the problem. The explanation itself is very complete.

That’s because Agoda is always making continuous improvements to the answers in the help center. In fact, the problems that consumers often have to deal with are divided in two. The first problem lies in the lack of understanding of air ticket services. Meanwhile, the second problem relates to housing.

Agoda also understands both types of problems. Therefore, you’ll see two types of topics when you enter the Help Center. Both types of topics relate to two types of problems. This makes the search for suitable questions much easier.

Contacting via email can also be done

The disadvantage of the help center compared to the agoda call center is only one. The disadvantage lies in the inability to communicate directly. This condition is indeed not suitable in Indonesia. Most Indonesians prefer to communicate directly rather than read the answers themselves.

If you want direct communication without having to provide credit, the service can be chosen via email. To contact the service via email, please contact cs[at]agoda[dot]com. This service is very useful. Consumers themselves can contact him for 24 hours. However, the shortcoming of this service lies in the responsiveness.

Unlike when you contact the Agoda Call Center, questions sent via email are not answered immediately. That’s because it takes time for cs to read the email and give the best answer. However, the wait for the answer will not take too long.

A certain question is not answered within 30 minutes. But in terms of function, the benefits that are achieved are the same as when calling a call center. That’s because all questions related to ordering can be made. It is only that, the answer will be given in writing.

Problems due to not contacting the call center

There are many problems that consumers face if they do not contact Agoda call centers. However, there is one problem with the highest number of cases. The problem lies in the hotel package that is not suitable. When visiting a new area, there is certainly not much knowledge about the area.

That said, someone certainly doesn’t know what the best hotel options are when they’re out there. There are often circumstances in which visitors are disappointed to see that the hotel they are getting is not to their liking. This problem arises because later it turns out that there are other hotels that turn out to be more suitable. Therefore, it is better to contact the call center first than to regret it at the end.

Contacting the call center is not a difficult matter. In addition, there are many possibilities to contact us. Those options range from phone to email. Be sure to contact him in advance so as not to be disappointed later. If you have acquaintances, you can actually ask them. But if there isn’t one, contacting the Agoda Call Center is  the best option.

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