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Check the KK number in West Java with the help of the Internet


If you take care of administrative files and there is not enough personal data, you need to check the West Java Online Family Card through internet. Especially if you are far from home and only hold an ID card, it is very difficult if you must first contact the person of the house.

At present, the existence of a family card (KK) is really very important, since in various institutions data on KK numbers are very much needed. Even for the phonecard registration process, you also need it. So for those of you who don’t have this card, you should take care of registering right now. Because later it will require it for different needs.

The existence of a family card is useful not only for dealing with government authorities, but also financial institutions, schools and others. Without KK, the administrative process will often be more difficult. Because the number in it is the identity of the family and the members in it.

Creating family cards can not only be done in the Dukcapil office, but online services are also available. Because during the pandemic, almost all government services are done online to avoid crowds. You can also use it for data change services and missing KK reporting.

However, you can rely on the online services opened by the individual registry offices in each region. Before you know more about this online service, you need to know what is the meaning of KK and various other information. Let’s look at the following description.

Citizens’ right to a family card

All citizens have their rights and are required to have a family card. However, unlike an identity card, which is owned by only one person at a time, the KK can be owned by several people at the same time. Because it contains information about each family member. For example, father, mother, son or plus grandmother and grandfather.

The family card does not only have the head of the family, although it actually describes the structure of the family and the head of the family is in the first serial number. Each member who is enrolled in it can use the CC to supplement administrative needs.

Checking the current West Java KK number can be done at any time in a simple way. Because in today’s sophisticated times, you can use the Internet as a source of various information. It is only necessary to find out through the search engine, and the required information will be available.

To create a family card, you need to prepare several requirements, namely, a cover letter from RT with the RW signature, a photocopyof the marriage book or marriage certificate, and other supporting certificates. The production process can be done by visiting the Dukcapil office or online.

Online services can use not only services for creating and updating data, the West Java KK number check is also a feature of the online service on the registry service website. Remember that not everyone can memorize a number, especially if it is used only at any time.

The importance of family cards in administrative files

The KK Online West Java check can only be performed by people who already have it. Having a KK is mandatory for all Indonesians as this certificate will be able to be used for a variety of administrative needs, including:

  1. Required for ID creation process

The data for drawing up the identity card will be taken from the KK, as it already provides the NIK and other important information. In the meantime, more information will be obtained during the ID card production process.


  1. Required to open a savings account

If you want to open a savings account, you must also include KK. This requirement applies to all national banks. If it does not contain it, the submitted marketing authorisation will be rejected as it is not sufficient.


  1. Mandatory birth certificate

The birth certificate or birth certificate is important as the identity of the child before the age of the child can get an identity card. In the process of drawing up documents, the CC is needed as parental information, which will be the basis for later drawing up the documents. Without a family card, the process of creating a birth certificate will be more difficult.


  1. Required for loan application

Applying for loans for vehicles, houses and even electronic goods also requires a family card so that the data provided is actually valid for the loan application to be approved.


  1. Required for passport production

To go abroad requires a passport and the passport creation process must include a birth certificate, a family card and an ID card or diploma. To create and forget a KK number online, you can check the West Java KK number on the CAPIL institution’s website.

You don’t have KK yet, you can create one online

If you still do not have KK, there is nothing to worry because you can do it online, especially for couples who have just married, you need to take care of it immediately so that you do not have difficulties in the future. Because at present, caring for various things requires this letter about the arrangement of the family. Here’s how:

  1. First, ask for an introductory letter to RT, make sure the letter was signed by RW as well.
  2. Request the registration form in kelurahan by enclosing the RT cover letter and fill out the form completely.
  3. After filling out the form, take a photo of the form and request the official Dukcapil kelurahan number for the online registration application.
  4. Then wait for the manufacturing process and check West Java Online KK after it is declared finished.

Another way is to register on the official website of the West Java Registry Office. Register when you open registration. Each Dukcapil has certain registration hours and quota limits. After filling in the form, attach a photo of the marriage certificate and an RT cover letter.

Easy Ways to Check KK Online West Java

Sometimes at critical moments and in a short period of time, you need information about the family card number. For example, when registering online. When faced with such a situation, do not panic yet. Because there are several ways that can help you overcome it immediately. Especially if you have a mobile phone with an Internet connection, everything will be easy.

Internet as a technology product can provide you with convenience, one of which provides an easy way to check the West Java Online Family Card.  No need to go home or bother contacting people at home, just do this:

  1. Chat service. The number +62811-800-537-3 can be reached via the WA chat message. Use the format nama-nik (can be seen on KTP)-no.telephone-problem.
  2. Use the 24-hour assistance service by e-mail to: with the content of the post office’s name, niche according to the resident card and personal data on other identity cards. Fill in the subject line of the email asking for family card information.
  3. On the website of the Ministry of the Interior, select the menu to search for family card numbers, enter the national identification number and wait a while for the required information to appear. The website address is
  4. Create an account on the website of the online population registry service, then go to the population data search service and find the necessary data. Website address:
  5. Use your social media account and visit the fb page of the Directorate-General Dukcapil or @ccdukcapil (twitter), then send the DM to the administrator according to the issue.

According to its civic identity function, every Indonesian citizen and foreigner must have a family card. Not only as an identity, but also to fill various administrative files. Simply, now the creation and control of KK Online West Java can be  done using the Internet.

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