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Here are five recipes for West Java’s unique ready-to-eat food

There are many recipes for dishes from West Java, which are relatively easy, some of them are five recipes for the typical food of West Java , which need to be tried out. Not only are they rich in sweet, salty and spicy snacks, but there are also a wide variety of large dishes that are not tasty in West Java.

The majority of the Suntanese people prefer spicy and salty food. But, on the other hand, they also like different dishes that serve fresh vegetables in them. Not only is it healthy and tasty, but this vegetable dish is easy to process even without a long cooking process.

Some of the original dishes from West Java as favourites of everyone, including the local people, are karedoke, tahu gejrot, followed by the legendary Oncom Tutug Rice, Zeblack crackers, and authentic Sundanese Livette Rice dishes. You  can try these five recipes directly for ready-to-eat food in West Java.

While there seem to be many elements on the menu, in reality, how to cook these dishes is easy. Some of the materials used are easy to obtain and do not require costly costs. Check out the following review, so that you can soon learn how to cook this traditional food, which can be enjoyed by loved ones.

Western food has salad, and West Java haas caredo has

Karedoke is one of the five recipes for the typical food of West Java that you should be aware of  . Yes, if you usually enjoy vegetable salads in Western restaurants, this dish is almost identical. The composition in them is equally contained by different vegetables, and only the type of vegetable is different from salads.

Salads are often used in lettuce, carrots, sweet corn slices, and tomatoes differently than caredokes. This traditional dish from the West Java region contains fresh vegetables in the form of cucumbers, bean sprouts, long beans, cabbage, lettuce, tulsi leaves, and round eggplant. Everything was served fresh and cut into pieces.

If the salad uses dressings such as olive oil or mayonnaise, caredoc uses a sauce made from natural ingredients, i.e. roasted peanuts, five pieces of garlic and cayenne and grind, cayenne to taste, and eight seeds of long red pepper. Also add pieces of brown sugar.

To make the taste more stable, bubuhi with salty spices, as well as shrimp paste pieces. If you like a bit of citrus aroma, give lemon juice and a knuckle segment. Mix while purifying until the spices are evenly distributed. If it is smoothly evenly distributed, add water as needed to dilute it.

Now,  one of West Java’s typical five ready-to-eat recipes has been completed, and Karedok is ready to be served with a delicious and fragrant peanut sauce on it. Make it delicious, healthy, and practical. What are you waiting for? It’s your turn to try it out.

Zeblack masala crackers are favourite snacks everywhere

Seblak crackers are another traditional food that is not at all simple in the recipe and comes from West Java. If you usually eat crackers with crispy texture, zeblack cracker makes for a unique taste by adding spicy soup when served. While this may sound strange, if you try it, you’ll definitely be a slave.

The ingredients contained in one  of the five recipes for West Java’s typical food are  not only crackers, but you can also add other ingredients such as meatballs, sausage pieces, eggs, and pieces of juicy and soft chicken foot. Of course it’s very tasty in taste.

How to make it is also very easy. First of all, you have to prepare the main ingredient of zeblack, which are the fireworks that you dip in water. Then, you can start making zeblack masala with onion and garlic, four or three grains each, and then some cayenne pepper.

The quantity of cayenne is adjusted only according to your taste. Also add six long curly peppers and pieces of leaks. Add water and boil it. Add the boiled eggs, salt, pepper, powdered jackfruit and granulated sugar. Correction of taste as desired.

Once it starts to boil, you can start putting on previously wet crackers, then cut meatballs or sausages according to the taste. If you want vegetables, you can also put on pieces of cabbage. Cook everything until it’s cooked and stay hydrated when it’s hot. The scent must once be very tempting.

Nazi Tutung Oncom Kunji Uk fillyour stomach

The five recipes for the typical food of West Java are certainly diverse, and one of the most sought-after recipes is definitely this year’s food menu, i.e. Tutg Oncom Rice. This time the heavy dishes really showed the identity of West Java. A portion of the rice, which was mixed with the spicy, tasty, tasty, and delicious oncom.

This time the dishes are very suitable to eat at lunch or dinner time. The construction process itself is not difficult. First, prepare two boxes of oncom and then crush it into a rough scramble with a fork. Prepare only onions and garlic with five to two grains each.

To add the flavour of the masala, add five cayenne peppers, five fresh red chillies, half a finger part, half a teaspoon of baked shrimp paste, then add salt and sugar as needed. Puree until all the spices except the oncom are stirred well.

If it’s smooth, mix the torn oncom with good spices, then bake the oncom or fry until it’s cooked and slightly dried. Prepare warm rice and mix the oncom and white rice together until they are evenly distributed. The oncom tattag rice is still ready to be consumed while smoking.

The legendary homemade Gejrot Tofu

The fourth of the next five ready-to-eat recipes featuring West Java is the Jejrot Tofu recipe. You are certainly no stranger to hearing the following unique dishes, because you can easily find them in street vendors in the afternoon and evening. In addition to filling, this dish is delicious.

The combination of spicy, salty, sweet, as well as sour taste from gejrot tofu soup greatly influences the consumer’s tongue. The unique tofu is a soft rhombic piece that can fill your grunting belly. Who would have thought that the recipe for making this food was very easy and practical.

All you need to do is make peanut sauce by grinding onion, white and green smooth pepper. Then, pour the brown sugar, then the sweet soy sauce, then the solution of tamarind, salt, and water over the previously ground spices.

Prepare and cut pong tofu in squares, as well as rombic, pour gejrot tofu soup on top. Don’t forget before serving and having fun, sprinkle crackers for toppings to add texture. Gejrot tofu is ready to be served.

Livet Rice from West Java

Livette rice is the last of the five recipes for West Java’s typical food . Who can afford the temptation of delicious rice if combined with salted fish and fresh petai pieces? Of course, if you want to be able to enjoy it, you can make this dish yourself.

This method is as easy as cooking ordinary rice. That’s all, you need to add some spices such as finely chopped garlic, cayenne pepper, pressed lemongrass, bay leaf, fried anchovis, margarine, a spring of salt, fresh petai pieces, and water to taste.

Cook in an electric rice cooker and wait for the rice to be cooked. You can already enjoy the livette rice with a variety of side dishes of your choice. Well, they are five recipes for the typical meal of West Java that you can easily practice at home  .

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