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Redmi service center with various servicesfor customers

Redmi Service Center is still joining Xiaomi today. Not only that, their high-end products, namely Poco and smartTV, can also be repaired at the Mi repair center. Interestingly, almost all cities already have official offices. So you don’t need to be embarrassed if there is damage.

There are also MI facilities from home, or repairs can be done at home. Unfortunately, this facility has not been able to reach remote places. Only 5 km from the service center. But, the choice to come in person is also the right decision. Because, from the amenities are really superior.

The Redmi service center has also provided interesting amenities in the form of accelerated repairs, namely just one hour. This time will begin upon receipt of the order registration. until the repairs have been completed. Unfortunately, at the moment, the service is only available in 5 places.

All are in the Jabodetabek area. To enjoy it, you have to come in person and have made a reservation through In addition, this process can be carried out if the product is under an official warranty from Xiaomi. And still within the warranty period and during the availability of spare parts.

The time is only from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, it will not be processed and will have to wait until tomorrow. He doesn’t just go directly to the office. You can also request multiple complaints through the Call Center. This convenience is really presented by Xiaomi so that customers feel satisfied.

Redmi Service Center support for customers

Xiaomi offers various types of gadgets by pampering its customers. Therefore, they offer a wide range of online features. It’s just that time is limited to office hours. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time. So pay attention to your location.

There are many avenues that have been offered first, through WhatsApp messages on the 082117236765. Or you can also take advantage of the hotline at 0800 1 401558. For the entire list of full addresses, you can go directly to the website. There you will find an address and phone number.

On the official website of the Redmi service center,  there are also various price lists. So, when conducting an inspection. Or maybe, you’re trying to figure out for yourself why a cell phone might be the way it is. Each customer also easily knows how many components are needed.

Interestingly, each part of this phone with another phone is different. It depends on the type and the mobile itself. Just try the search feature, you will find it easily. It is not enough to get there, when fixing the entire available price list. For example, the Mi Note 10 product.

The battery component matters, you just need to open the web. After that, find out how much it costs. Starting from repair costs plus taxes. Keep in mind that each phone has a different ratio. However, it should also be noted  that if the price list is not fixed in nature, it may vary with price movements.

Repair facility only 5 days

The Redmi service center from Xiaomi also brings a new breakthrough. By providing a waiting time of only 5 days. This is really welcomed by its fans and loyal customers. Usually, the earliest mobile phone enters the service desk, which will take 10 days.

Interestingly, if it is not completed in that tempo, there is a guarantee of replacing a new unit. This is really good news for all customers. This way, people don’t have to wait too long. It is only that the repair is calculated when the product has already been received by the service headquarters.

For example, you give your phone to the Redmi service center on the 10th. Then, two days later, the product entered the repair table. So, the period only starts from the 12th to the 17th. At other times, the product will be replaced again and sent directly to the address.

But, it is worth paying attention to get it. You must ensure that there is still a Warranty. In fact, as soon as the last five days, the technician will confirm in the form of replacing a new device or waiting for the service to be completed. When new devices are built, Xiaomi is not responsible for the data.

Therefore, that is before you take it for repair. It is more advisable to do a data backup. So, if something unexpected happens, all the data will be stored properly. You can also check in regularly through the hotline service. To make it easier, just mention the IMEi number.

Warranty provided by Xiaomi

The Redmi service center also offers warranties for different types of phones, as long as they still have some supporting documents. For example, battery devices are often complained about. You will get quite a long time. About 15 months. In this way, when there is damage again, it can be claimed directly.

There is another charger until the accessories are supplied for about 6 months. For all products and mobile units starting from Redmi 7 and above will be offered for a minimum of 12 months. Meanwhile, for this type of damage there are also some things. Like, Mobile phones do not turn themselves on and off.

Damage to the screen is not caused by falling or contact with water and liquids. Damage to a variety of materials due to their structure. The Redmi Service Center also serves the damage caused by the charger, starting from the data cable not working properly. Or it never works though, genuine Xiaomi products.

Before carrying out such repairs and warranties. Xiaomi will test first and test the product. Also, make sure that  the Mi Account is out or out. So all the secrets in it are unreadable. Mi’s side is also irresponsible for anything.

If it does, the product will lose data. It should also be noted  that this warranty will not apply when the IMEI number has been removed evenly, until it is lost. The damage is also caused by you disassembling it without Xiaomi’s consent or handing it over to another service center.

The cost of a mobile phone at the end of warranty

The Redmi Service Center also offers services for different Mi products without using a warranty card. Or maybe, time is really running out. The services for this are numerous. Starting from upgrading software to hardware or actually changing from motherboard can also be done for 16 types of mobile phones.

Since there is no warranty, Xiaomi will charge. To upgrade the software, it costs about 120 thousand IDR. Meanwhile, for Hardware, 150 thousand IDR. This would not have been complemented by different ingredients if there really was a replacement. For legal or unofficial products, the service center also serves.

It’s just that, at the moment, Xiaomi is working with the government and all business entities in Indonesia. To break that link. So all products remain to existing standards. Because, buying under the official warranty is expensive. However, safety to comfort is absolutely guaranteed.

The service of this repair center is not only repairs. You can also buy other products or genuine accessories such as smartwatches, headphones and much more. If your mobile is broken, it is better to just take it to the Redmi service center which is guaranteed to be a quick process.

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