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Tips for the sweetest Javanese Combro Cake recipe


Doing a simple, independent Java combro cake dish  won’t be difficult to do even by ordinary people. You don’t have to learn the course first because it’s taught down the hill by many people.In addition, there are many menus that can be copied over the internet.


Combro itself is a processed cassava with various fillings, where the Sundanese version has its own characteristics. Until now, there are many versions such as from Central Java that it tends to sweeten. You can make original versions with delicious, stable fragrances or sweet flavors.


Original West Javanese Combro Cake Recipe


When it comes to preparing the usual Sundanese combro, it cannot be separated from the use of oncom as a filling. This ingredient is actually made through a fermentation process that is more or less than in tempeh. But here the ingredients that make it different, it can be in the form of coconut pulp, cassava, soy beans and so on.


Making full ingredients for the various recipes of the West Java combro cake itself normally requires a fight because the fermentation process is very difficult; later all the pulp ingredients that will be combined into oncom will be mixed with medicine.The manufacturing process is still the same even since the 17th century that was first created.


Meanwhile, to make the original combro or the name of the sundanya comro, you can first prepare external ingredients such as cassava and coconut not too old first. It also prepares a few tablespoons of salt and cooking oil. Don’t forget to take the iconic things of the Sundanese preparations.


Then for making western java combro sweetcakes in the form of a comro, it can consist of cheese and white, salt, powdered water, pepper and mashed oncom.In addition, you are advised to add leeks and basil leaves.It aims to remove non-neutral smells from oncom.


In the process of cooking, we first need to mix the exterior and good spices. You have to remember the right medicine, don’t let it be too salty because it will be combined with filling. In the process of filling, just mash oncom until smooth and mixed with other fillings just.


Combro preparing to use unique ingredients


In addition to using the original version, it is certainly more interesting when added to the use of special ingredients such as spicy anchovies. Here what we will distinguish is just in filling so that for the outer flour we can use the regular version. Therefore, prepare important ingredients such as cassava, vegetables, vegetables, cheese and liquor.


Then to make this western java combro cake  , we need oncom, anchovies, bay leaves, brown sugar and coconut milk.For oncom try to make it smoother so it’s easy to mix with other fillings.In addition, it is recommended to use additional bamboo leaves to smell good.


The most important thing to note here is actually in processing anchovies where it shouldn’t produce too strong fish smells. Therefore, it is forcing additional bananas or orange leaves. Special preparation in addition to the use of anchovies can be used cheese because it is used to be popular in the best combination of menus.


Later, the use of raw materials will be improved more with the flavor of the onion so that we can mix cassava and potatoes as a top priority. Other equipment that needs to be prepared on this special menu are cheese, old cheese, chili, grilled oncom, sugar, cheese milk and new cooking oil.


In order for the taste to also have a typical Sundanese flavor, it can be added with a leaf let the fragrance taste more delicious. The cheese itself can be added or topping alone. This is the benefit of using cheese where its use is sustainable, it can also be used as a delicious cocolan mixture.


West Javanese Combro Cake Recipe with Eggs


In addition to filling, it’s just oncom, it turns out you can add balado eggs as the best ingredient to give the combro flavor more tasty. Here you need to buy cassava, grated coconut, salt, leeks and oil first. To keep your taste good, don’t use the oil used because it can be mixed with other flavors.


Meanwhile, for stuffing, it is necessary to focus on how to make or mix grilled oncom and chicken eggs. Both ingredients must be mixed with orange leaves, bay leaves or lemon leaves because the fragrance and flavor are not annoying.


Especially when added onions and onions, salt and sugar. It would have been even more delicious. In addition to ordinary eggs, you can also use salted eggs. Of course, the ingredients are still the same, such as cassava, vegetables, salt and liquor.


Cooking a combro cake is typical of the western java salt eggs we need to prepare grilled oncom, salt eggs, salt and sugar. To enhance the flavor, also add the cheese and cheese and the onions.You can customize this chili itself to taste but more delicious.


Later the salt and oncom egg mixture must be crushed until it runs out together. Don’t forget to add the ingredients again to make the fragrance, fragrance and flavor richer. It is recommended once when wearing orange leaves or lemon leaves. The combro flavor is guaranteed to be more unusual lyrical than the original single version.


Sweet and Savory Filling Recipe


If you’ve tried the original and spicy, this time it’s your turn to fill until it’s sweet in the flavor. First you can prepare grated cassava and take water, grated coconut and salt. Here we need a white egg as a sesame binder so that it doesn’t fall because the main highlight is really sesame.


For stuffing, it is necessary to prepare grated jaws, pandan leaves and brown sugar in advance. In brown sugar, try to feel really comfortable before putting it on so that it can melt more easily. Then for the leaf pandan itself, use those who are not too old so that the colour does not interfere and taste not bitter.


To make the interior should not be worn directly because the leaves are only used for perfume. So, you have to boil full before putting it in the flour. For a thin form of flour and apply it to a sesame, then the recipe for the usual Western Java cake combro is ready to fried.


This process of fabrication must be deemed to be feared that the exterior looks black but it turns out that the inside is still intact. This is more or less the same when making another recipe, is Misro. In fact it’s not so different from its content until it uses cassava, grated coconut and salt as an added flavor.


This West Java sweet potato surely requires sugar-brown sugar as a full and shrinking sugar to make it easier to melt when fried.Perhaps comro and misro are the most popular menu in the variant combro by Sundanese.Therefore, if you search the streets, it has to be the easiest to find.


Remember when making misro, don’t let the melted sugar melt until it comes out, so it should be prevented by making a strong flour. Later we will be black and best if it remains warm. You can serve the misro to friends or family while drinking coffee or warm oil.


If you look at all the cooked menus above, it’s not wrong if a beginner in the world of bika cooking master it easier. What’s more, materials don’t need to be special but can try their own creations. If you want to try something that definitely works, just follow the recipe for the ordinary combro cakes of Western Java.

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