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The Tri Call Centre is of great help to smartphone users, because the call center can provide customers with a way out of a variety of problems, with TRY being one of the largest providers in Indonesia, whose users have spread across remote areas.

There are many useful things about this provider. One of the benefits is in terms of price. TRI is known as a low-cost provider to its customers. The price will be reduced from the internet to the phone. At the same time, consumers will be very pampered.

Signal is also a champion. Though some villagers still complained about it, the signal speed of the card was very fast in urban areas. If you are one of the provider users,  make sure you contact  the Try Call Centre when you have problems  . There are many issues that CS can actually solve.

Difficulty in using the try official app

The main issues that users certainly feel relate to the use of official application. The same application is called Bima+. Having such applications helps users a lot. It has complete information from the card up to the active period of credit, internet package. In addition, there is user data.

Bima + also has a wide range of services that customers can use. One of the most important services is top-up credit. There, there will be a nominal option to buy. When you choose this nominal, you can make payments in a variety of ways, from mbanking to electronic money.

In addition, quota renewal can be made. “The choice is perfect. Impressively, there are often promotions of quotas offered by Bima+. Payments can be made through mbanking and electronic money, as is credit. However, if you own credit stocks, you can also pay quotas using credit.

There are many other services on Bima+ such as application for music. With so many such services, if you don’t use them, you’ll definitely suffer. Therefore, we do not understand how to use this application and we need to resolve the difficulties. The easiest way is to  contact the Tri Call Centre.

By contacting the call centre, only CS has experienced difficulties in using the Bima + application. There, cs will clarify the application in general. But consumers can then also ask questions related to the personal issues they feel are sensitive.

Generally speaking, common problems with the use of the Bima+ application are divided into two parts. The first problem is difficulty in purchasing the package, while the second is the difficulty of logging in. By  contacting  the Tri Call Centre, both issues will be resolved in detail.

Difficulties when registering

There are new rules for the use of SIM cards, which have only come into effect in the last ones. The rules are in the form of card registration using personal data in the form of nick and kk numbers. In fact, this registration method is easy for all providers, including TRI. If you want to register, there are two options.

The first option is to visit TRI’s official website at address. The try number required to register the customer will be ordered immediately when entering the address. The ID card number and KK number will also be confused. After that, you will be asked for the serial number of the cartoon.

You need to look behind the SIM card to see the serial number. Enter the last number of the number there. Then, check the column to prove that you are not a robot. The registration has finally been submitted and completed. In addition to the new card, this method can also be used when registering an old card.

In addition to using the official website, 4,444 can also be registered via SMS. The SMS format is number NIK#No. Send KK then to 4444. Both methods are equally easy to register. But in case of difficulty,  it can be done by contacting  the Tri Call Centre.

Difficulties are generally felt when registration is done, but there is a notification that registration has failed. This is usually caused by two possibilities. Firstly, your name is often registered, and secondly, it can be caused by an error in the system. These issues will be known when contacted at the call centre.

If the problem is as it is at the first point, the Tri Call Centre would recommend first unreg on another card, but if the problem is related to the system, then the call centre will help you complete the registration at that time, which is certainly easier than coming directly to the outlet.

Many other complaints that can be reported

In addition to bima+ and card registration, there are many complaints that can be expressed at the call center. One of the most common problems is the filling of non-entry packages. This may happen even if the veins are cut off. Such cases are usually caused by interference with the system.

If you can’t communicate with the Tri Call Centre, you may not know that the customer’s credit has been cut, if that happens, the customer’s money will be wasted. When contacted by cs due to this problem, there will be some data requested by cs.

This data corresponds to the amount of credit that issues charging time. Do not cause an error when CS asked for these details.  Thiswill not resolve the issue and the CS will advise you to come to the outlet, besides contacting the call centre as there are questions.

Of course, the question relates to the relationship between the customer and the provider. There is no need to delay when you just call for a question. This is because the Tri Call Centre itself has been trained to answer such questions, which obviously benefit you as a customer.

By asking CS directly, the answer received is certainly the best. This would be different from the search for information on the Internet itself. When seeking information on its own, the content is not necessarily authentic, as well as doubts about the veracity of the answer.

Call Centre  can contact the call centre from this method

By contacting the Tri Call Centre, there are several numbers you want to select, the first number is 132, which is a type of prepaid call that costs Rs 300 per call, and if you object to the fee, you can call 0896-4400-0123.

This number is used at a rate that is commonly used and is 132 different. If you really want it for free, you can call customers on 0899-9800-123. The same thing, the number is only available on WhatsApp. It fits perfectly with Indonesians who make whatsapp my chat application.

The other way to contact him is to use social media. Try himself is very active on social media. Instagram has official accounts on several platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.  All three will be contacted using direct messages or facebook messeWenger.

Try to make the most of your call center presence. Don’t be as much Indonesian as they don’t understand its use. In fact, these conditions will harm ourselves as a consumer.  Problems with providers when dealing with tri-call centers will actually get a lot more answers.

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