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Looking at the functions of The Western Week BKD and its responsibilities


You are certainly familiar with the term BKD from the West Java Province.   Especially if you participated in cpns recruitment in their respective regions. BKD or the Regional Civil Service Agency is a very important government organization with various main tasks and functions.

BKD is particularly well known to people when there is CPNS recruitment. Because the main task of this BKD is to help the governor or regent in the management of civil servants. Therefore, not only in the search or recruitment of civil servants, but also in the regulation and supervision of government employees.

If you’re interested in becoming a government employee, then you need to know about BKD and what’s in it. In this way, it will better understand the responsibilities of a government agency or agency.

Each city and district will have a BKD office that will address all administrative issues of government employees in the city. The scope of work as well as the duties of this organization are very broad with great responsibility. All these tasks and responsibilities are envisaged in the Act.

Within the BKD organisation, there are various sub-fields that will work according to their responsibilities. Whether it’s offering amenities, monitoring, or reporting preparation. For more detailed information, here is an explanation of BKD and its main functions and tasks.

Meet the Regional BKD Personnel Organisation

BKD is a government agency or agency that regulates the implementation of the duties and training of civil servants in one area. For example, BKD West Java will  be responsible for managing, organising, monitoring and providing facilities for civil servants in the West Java area.

A BKD district or city will only be responsible for caring for civil servants in the interested city and not responsible for other cities. So authority is limited only in the region. However, there are also those with national authority, i.e. the national personnel agency.

This institution will perform functions as an administrative part of the management of civil servants, the provision of work or duties, the implementation of training training and the period of service. When a government employee wants to take care of various files, such as mutations or refreshing glasses/education, he will deal with this institution.

The head of west Java’s provincial BKD is  directly responsible for the regional leadership to carry out functions in accordance with the rule of law. To realize its vision and mission, this government agency will formulate an annual work programme to improve organizational performance for good.

The BKD function will be outlined in a work programme which is updated annually so that it can create effective and efficient performance. In addition, in BKD, regeneration is carried out to prepare reliable future human resources and be able to demonstrate better performance.

Recognizing BKD West Week Vision and Mission

The main vision is the realization of a flourishing and good device. In his trouble, he’s fine. Quality, responsibility, innovative and creative. This vision is expected to form a professional and reliable organisation in order to help carry out regional chiefs. Here is the description of what the vision means:

  1. Quality, which must have quality in working according to the provisions and expectations of the entire population of Indonesia.
  2. Responsible, therefore, to have a responsible attitude in any activity or work programme implemented.
  3. Innovative, which is able to display or present new things so that it can improve work efficiency.
  4. Creative, that is, to be able to extract creativity in creating something or increase the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Prosperous, which means creating a sense of comfort and security for civil servants in material, financial and spiritual terms.

BKD West Java Province not only has a vision, but also hosts tournaments that are held from time to time. This mission will change with the needs of the government and must be undertaken by all officials within this organization. The following missions take place:

  1. The realization of a modern staff system according to technological advances.
  2. Help improve livelihoods and the well-being of workers based on the performance of each man’s work.
  3. Improve the professionalism of an employee’s work with instructions and training.

Recognising The Duties of BKD West Java

As an organisation directly responsible for regional leaders, the main task of the BKD is to achieve the management of  regional civil servants. Therefore, all matters pertaining to employee management must be carried out at this institution. The duties and other functions of this staff organization are:

  1. Prepare a regional regulatory plan for regional personnel in view of laws and regulations so that they can make adjustments to national standards.
  2. Plan and set up a regional personnel system.
  3. To maintain administrative actionin relation to the management, dismissal and mutations of civil servants.
  4. Make drafts and decide on technical policies for the development of regional civil servants.
  5. They provide administrative services to the state civil apparatus, such as appointments, dismissals, transfers and changes to structural or operational positions held under rules in personnel legislation.
  6. Prepare and create a state civil clothing pension policy in accordance with applicable legislation, norms and standards of procedure.
  7. Determine salaries and benefits for the welfare of the state civil apparatus, referring to staff laws and regulations.
  8. Maintain management of the state civil apparatus and manage the regional personnel information system.

Based on its functions and duties, the  West Java Province BKD fully maintains policies and arrangements for all issues related to civil servants based or serving in the West Java region. In addition, he is also responsible for appointments, promotions, as well as managing employee pensions.

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BKD improves professionalism of state civil equipment

The preparation of work programmes has been carefully regulated to help improve the performance of the state apparatus. The work programme has been adapted to what is the work goal of the regional personnel agency so that it can support achieving the organisation’s vision and mission. In this case it adapts to the rules of central-level legislation.

BKD West Java focuses on improving work professionalism in order to form a reliable and responsible state apparatus.   Therefore, it can prepare reliable equipment in the future capable of carrying out tasks and responsibilities. Some of the work programmes carried out were:

  1. Implement CPNS recruitment. This program is implemented annually or at least once every 2 years to fill vacancies due to retirement, death, or the need for additional force.
  2. The award process takes the form of an increase in honours at the CPNS for honorees with the best performance in exchange for honourable service.
  3. IPDN Praja Recruitment admissions through tests followed by regional boys and girls and from different regions of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as making pegger cards, managing TASPEN cards, or registering dependents for married civil servants.
  5. Organise and conduct examinations for civil servants eligible for promotion.
  6. Implement training to improve thecompetenceof civil servants.
  7. Implement technical training and instructions for the state apparatus, either to hold training in the regions or to organise training workers in central BKD.

As an organisation that helps the work of regional chiefs in the regulation of civil servants, BKD has a great responsibility. Not only does it highlight the main tasks based on their functions, the West Java Province BKD must  also carry out the vision and mission as a personnel organisation.

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